Episode 3 - Jonathan

Episode 3 – Jonathan

Our son Jonathan has a very rare disease called Very Early Onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which is an auto-immune disease where his body attacks his GI Tract. Treating our son’s disease has consumed our life for the past 2 years. His treatment is unbelievably expensive. But we have hope, and we have the Affordable Care Act. I talk about it in my new episode here.

The Affordable Care Act protects Jonathan. The Affordable Care Act requires that insurance companies provide him coverage. The Affordable Care Act guarantees me the right to appeal any decision that his insurance company denies. The Affordable Care Act removes the insurance company’s annual and lifetime caps on Jonathan’s care, and it provides me with a maximum out of pocket payment cap.

The protections provided to my family by the Affordable Care Act are critical for us navigating Jonathan’s care. Please listen to my story about Jonathan here and share my story with others.

However, the Republican Party has attacked the Affordable Care Act for over a decade. They have voted more than 60 times to repeal the law, and it now faces its third Supreme Court challenge. Donald Trump has made it clear that he picked Amy Barrett for the Supreme Court because she has been critical of the Constitutional foundation of the Affordable Care Act. Last week, in an interview with 60 Minutes, Donald Trump confirmed that he hopes the Supreme Court will end it. If we lose the Affordable Care Act, Jonathan’s protections vanish.

VOTE to end the Republican Party’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act.

VOTE to end the Republican Party’s attacks on families like mine, battling an expensive and difficult disease.

We need everybody to work together on improving medical coverage in the United States, but we cannot do that until we tell the Republican Party that their attacks on the Affordable Care Act no longer win them elections.

That’s the power of the ballot. Once We The People deliver that lesson, they won’t do it anymore. VOTE.