Episode 4 – Inauguration

I am back on the mic! I certainly did not plan on launching a podcast and then dropping it for a couple of months. I also didn’t plan on my toddler landing in the hospital. Stop me if you heard this one, but things didn’t go exactly to plan in 2020. I think we are ok now.

I actually recorded multiple versions of this episode, and I finally landed on something that wasn’t outdated before I published it. I watched every minute of the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and I was so moved that I wanted to talk about it. I love to nerd out on this kind of stuff, so, for this episode, I do. Democracy, The White House, Garth Brooks… what’s not to like?

I also wanted to give y’all an update on what’s been going on with my family since my last episode. So if you click Play,I’ll tell you about Jonathan, my job, woodworking, and my socially distanced conversation with my grandparents from their conversations with Joe and Kamala.

Thank you for listening!

Josh Carter

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  1. Josh, Russ and I just finished listening to your Podcast and we are so impressed with your views which I must admit, we share. We are happy to have the update on Jonathan. Russ really enjoyed listening about your woodworking. I love he shares with President Carter. We miss seeing your family and the whole Carter clan. Our best to your Grandfather and Grandmother. Prayers for you all. Russ and Carol Filbeck

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